Editorial Services

DEBORAH HALVERSON has been working with authors—bestsellers, veterans, debut, and aspiring—for over twenty years. The books she’s edited have garnered top industry awards, and many of the aspiring writers she’s coached have landed agent representation and lucrative book deals.

“Deborah’s feedback is smart and focused. She makes the kind of comments you can really do something with. My manuscript was sold at auction for a 2-book deal.”–Jeff Hirsch, author

“Deborah’s perceptive editorial remarks helped me look at my manuscript in a whole new way and gently pushed me and my book to a higher level. After implementing Deborah’s suggestions, I received a 2-book publication deal. Her concise, discerning suggestions taught me many skills I have carried over in the crafting of other novels.”–Kristen Landon, author

“My manuscript received two offers and both publishers agreed to have a two-book offer…. Your touch brought the book to a higher level. I couldn’t thank you enough for that.”–Ji-li Jiang, author

“Deborah is an insightful editor who goes above and beyond what I expected. She has a way of communicating her thoughts in a gently constructive way that makes sense. I incorporated her comments into the revision of my manuscript, LARA’S GIFT, and landed a contract with Knopf.”–Annemarie O’Brien, author

“Deborah is not only an excellent, discerning, and responsive editor, she is also a great pleasure to work with. She has a fine command of language and a great sense of story.”–Jean Ferris, author

“Deborah is a crackerjack editor–creative, caring, and clever–and those are just the C’s.”–Kathleen Krull, author

“In addition to being a keen editor with discerning tastes and inspired vision, Deborah is also an enormously talented writer who is tuned in to the interests and issues that engage young readers. Her energy, experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge make her an extraordinary teacher. She is a clear and engaging communicator, and her sly sense of humor sparkles.”–Robin Cruise, publisher, author

“I feel like I just got a personalized graduate course in writing!”–Meghan Hill, author


By conducting word-by-word line editing or more general substantive editing, Deborah helps authors hone their storytelling voices, synchronize age-appropriate language and subjects, and develop stories that appeal simultaneously to young readers and to adults such as parents, teachers, and librarians.

Improve your manuscript’s…

Narrative voice
Plot development / narrative arc
Point of view
Delivery of background info
Visual storyline (picture books)
Age-appropriate subject matter and target audience
Word choice
Sentence variety
Chapter / section breaks
Grammar / mechanics

$125 per hour for substantive or line editing. Email Deborah@DeborahHalverson.com or use the “Write to The Editor” tab above for a free estimate of total hours required or to discuss other editorial services such as query letter review, copyediting, proofreading, etc. For an in-depth look at Deborah’s editorial process, read this printer-friendly pdf: “Editorial Processes and Fees Sept 2019