Revision Week: Winner and Week Off

posted 6/4/16

Dear Readers…

I hope you enjoyed the 4th annual Revision Week. I created this event to inform and inspire your own revision and am honored by the authors who’ve helped. Want more? Visit Revision Week Archive. Want to dig deeper into craft? Check out the advice from myself and 20+ author, editor, agent, and industry contributors including Revision Week guest Jane Yolen in Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies and Writing New Adult Fiction. will return June 13 with answers to YOUR craft and industry questions.

Happy writing!
The Editor


Thank you…

PAM MUNOZ RYAN. Check out her recent Newbery Honor book Echo.

SALINA YOON. Check out her new book Duck, Duck, Porcupine!

CHANEL CLEETON. Look for her Wild Aces: Into the Blue July 5.

JANE YOLEN. Look for her How Do Dinosaurs Write their ABCs with Chalk? June 28.

MARIE FORCE. Look for her Fatal Identity July 26.

P.S. For more on this topic, read Creative Process, Revision Week
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    1. The Editor wrote (on 06/04/16 at 12:11 am) :

      Congratulations to Dena Garson, winner of the grand finale “Free Full Manuscript Edit by The Editor” giveaway! (I’ve emailed you, Dena.) I’m looking forward to working with all 5 giveaway winners, and thank all of you readers for stopping by Revision Week and contributing to the stimulating comments and conversations. Happy revising!

    2. Rick Starkey wrote (on 06/04/16 at 5:04 am) :

      Thanks for another great Revision Week!

    3. Theresa Milstein wrote (on 06/04/16 at 5:30 am) :

      I really enjoyed this week. Thanks, everyone!

    4. Sue Heavenrich wrote (on 06/04/16 at 5:55 am) :

      thanks to all the authors for sharing their insights, and to you for pulling it all together.

    5. Judy Bryan wrote (on 06/04/16 at 6:21 am) :

      Great posts all week long… Just what I needed! Thank you!!!

    6. Teresa Robeson wrote (on 06/04/16 at 7:48 am) :

      Congrats to Dena and thank you, Deborah! Got some good tips from this week!

    7. Kate Larkindale wrote (on 06/04/16 at 4:40 pm) :

      Great week of revision posts, just when I needed them. Thanks!