Revision Week: Winner and Week Off

posted 5/10/14

Dear Readers…

I hope you enjoyed’s third annual Revision Week. I created this event to bring you insights and inspiration as you work through the ups and downs of revision, and. I’m honored that five talented authors helped me do that. Thanks to them and to you for joining in with your comments, and congrats to the giveaway winners, including Rachel Stones, winner of yesterday’s Free Full Manuscript Edit giveaway. If you haven’t had your fill of revision insights, click here for the Revision Week Archive. And now I shall take a breather for a week, returning on May 19 to the usual format, with answers to the craft and industry questions you wonder about. Until then…

Happy revising!
The Editor


The Editor is grateful for the authors who made Revision Week 2014 informative, inspiring, and fun. In case you missed any of the interviews, here are the direct links:

Marla Frazee, two-time Caldecott Honor-winning picture book author/illustrator.

Jean Ferris, award-winning author of nineteen young adult novels.

Joni Rodgers, best-selling novelist and ghostwriter.

Warren Fahy, best-selling author of science-based thrillers.

Denise Grover Swank, best-selling author of YA, NA, and novels for adults.

More fabulous interviews in the Revision Week Archive.

P.S. For more on this topic, read Revision Week
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    1. Teresa Robeson wrote (on 05/10/14 at 1:41 pm) :

      Enjoy your much deserved break, Deborah, and thanks again for all the terrific interviews!

    2. The Editor wrote (on 05/11/14 at 9:55 pm) :

      Thanks, Teresa. I plan to indulge in some sunrise hikes, Bloody Jack audiobooks (L.A. Meyer’s fab YA series), and extra writing time for myself. Now if I can just get my little boys to buy into that plan….

    3. Rachel Stones wrote (on 05/10/14 at 11:05 pm) :

      I am so excited! Thank you for this opportunity and thanks to all the authors who participated in Revision Week.

    4. The Editor wrote (on 05/11/14 at 9:50 pm) :

      I’m looking forward to working with you, Rachel!

    5. Lori Mozdzierz wrote (on 05/11/14 at 4:48 am) :

      Thank you, Deborah for another amazing Revision Week.
      And thank you to all the authors who graciously shared with us!
      Congrats, Rachel and all winners who participated in Revision Week!

      Rachel, as a past winner of a full manuscript critique from Deborah, I know you will be WOWed! by Deborah’s expertise and her detail.

    6. The Editor wrote (on 05/11/14 at 9:52 pm) :

      Thanks for the rah-rah, Lori. I love editing, and knowing that my input made a difference for you is truly gratifying.

    7. Kurt Chambers wrote (on 05/11/14 at 10:09 am) :

      Thank you all for such an awesome week! 🙂 And congratulations to the winners.

    8. The Editor wrote (on 05/11/14 at 9:50 pm) :

      Glad you liked the week, Kurt.