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re: When Is It Wrong to Use Real Place Names in Fiction?

posted 4/30/18

Dear Editor…

If I’m trying to make Los Angeles like a main character in my novel, can I use real names of places in Los Angeles or should I use fake names? There are some autobiographical undertones to this story and there’s a restaurant that I wanted to use. It’s been open for eight or nine decades and has multiple locations….but maybe I should give it a fictional name?

L.A. Scribe

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re: When the Third Book in a Series Gets Rejected by Your Publisher

posted 2/21/14

Dear Editor…

A few years ago I had two MG books published by a mid-sized Canadian publisher. Both books were sold separately (unagented) and are basically stand alone books in a series. Without any commitment from the publisher I went ahead and wrote a third (and final) book in the “series”. My publisher rejected it. Is there any hope for this manuscript? Should I put it in the drawer? Or is there any chance that I could find another publisher?

Many thanks…

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re: Do Agents Ding International Queries?

posted 10/21/13

Dear Editor…

How hesitant are agents to take on new writers from another country? Are international queries second choice when pitted against local ones?

Thank you,
Writer in a Faraway Land

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re: Is a Blog Tour Worth the Trouble?

posted 8/22/12

Dear Editor…

You coordinated and completed a blog tour for your book a while back. Did you feel that it was worth all of your hard work? If did it all again, would you do anything differently?


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re: Is a Nom de Plume a No-No?

posted 3/23/12

Dear Editor…

What are the pros and cons of using a pen name? What if you are quite a private person? Is this enough of a reason to use one? If so, what are some good ways to choose one and how do agents and editors feel about the practice?

Many thanks,
The Writer Behind the Curtain

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re: Dump the Blog, Go Full-Tilt on Twitter?

posted 3/20/12

Dear Editor

A published writer friend is thinking of freezing her blog and simply posting regularly on Twitter. She says the blog takes too much time for too little feedback. I get that she wants more writing time while still having the social networking, but this seems like a strangely backward idea. If I wanted to open a discussion, Twitter would be my last choice. What’s your opinion? Which will agents/editors prefer to see? How do YOU write a successful blog, keep tabs on the triplets, write books, and run the vacuum cleaner? or feed the dog? or put your feet up for a simple moment of peace and quiet?



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Guest Editor Melissa Wiley re: Facebook v. Google+ as Author Tools

posted 3/1/12

Dear Editor…

My New Year’s resolution is to get active in social media and start “building my platform.” I don’t think I have time to be active in both Facebook and Google+. A friend says Facebook is established, so choose that. (I do have an account there but haven’t really used it.) Another friend says Google+ is the future, so choose that. I’m stuck. Advice?



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re: Do You Have To Be Published To Do Class Visits?

posted 2/27/12

Dear Editor…

A former teacher of mine is teaching a creative writing class to high school seniors and invited me to speak to them—basically offering that they would read a few chapters of my ms (which has an agent offer) and then we could have a discussion. While a part of me would love to do a school visit (and start building my reader platform), I’m not sure if the timing is right since I don’t have published book yet. What do you think?


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Blog Tour: Katie Davis on Promoting Books (Book Giveaway!)

posted 2/6/12

Dear Readers…

Author/illustrator Katie Davis is a tireless promoter whose 9 children’s books have sold over 250,000 copies. Today at she’s sharing what she’s learned about promoting—and she’s giving away a free download of her new eBook How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Create a Bestseller.

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re: When Is the Best Time for a Blog Tour?

posted 1/17/12

Dear Editor…

When is the best time for a blog tour? Before the book comes out? After? Anytime to get buzz on the book?

Thanks again,

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