re: Do Publishers Want #MeToo Memoirs?

posted 7/25/18

Dear Editor…

Over the weekend, sparked by a dream/nightmare, I started outlining (sadly) with a vengeance my #MeToo story. Right now, I perceive that it will probably be a quick, albeit, sad and hopefully powerful read. Is there a market among agents/publishers for such stories from non-celebrities right now? What is this genre called? #MeToo Personal Narrative? Nonfiction? Memoir? Or . . . ?



Dear Me…

I’m sorry you had an experience that triggers nightmares. I’ve heard no formal call from agents or editors for #MeToo narratives. (Most of which will fall under the “personal narrative” umbrella, being mostly focused on the incidents and direct implications.) I have heard, anecdotally, of writers not finding receptive publishers for their #MeToo manuscripts. The common link among the anecdotes is, yes, that the author is “unknown.” Not surprising. Memoir publishing in general relies heavily on celebrity and brand names for promo hooks. Plus, I’m guessing the market for #MeToo books is a niche one, since there are a plethora of places online to read about and share these experiences for free. Known authors are a more bankable risk for book publishers. Do submit to them and gauge the reaction. But as you do, consider self-publishing. It’s a great option for this situation. Regardless of its pub future, do finish writing it. Your furious outlining tells me it’s vital for you to get that story out. For now, focus on that—I suspect it demands intense focus. I hope it’ll be cathartic.

Cheering you on!
The Editor

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    1. Sherrill Joseph wrote (on 07/25/18 at 5:56 pm) :

      Thanks, Deborah. Insightful as always.

    2. The Editor wrote (on 07/25/18 at 6:16 pm) :

      Thanks, Sherrill. I’m glad to be helpful.

    3. Ellen wrote (on 07/26/18 at 2:30 pm) :

      I do hope it’s cathartic for the author. These situations are life changing. 30 years after my MeToo moment it still shows up now and then. But I personally don’t want to read something like this because it will stir up bad memories for me. Others may find it empowering.

    4. MaryAnn M. Butterfield wrote (on 08/09/18 at 5:05 pm) :

      Re Ellen’s comment, I’m in agreement. But, that’s ME. 🙂