re: Happy Thanksgiving!

posted 11/18/11

Dear Readers…

The Editor realizes that next week will be full of vacation, family, and food. Hopefully, you’ll spend some time with your WIP, too. In the interest of not contributing to the massive backlog of emails that will likely greet you upon your return to the regular grind, The Editor will take Thanksgiving week off. (Plus, she’s got vacation, family, and food plans, too!) Look for the next post on November 29.

Best wishes for a safe holiday.


Dear Readers…

May you get some writing time in between the turkey and pumpkin pie service.

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Editor

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    1. Laura C. wrote (on 11/18/11 at 10:31 am) :

      Have a wonderful holiday! 🙂

    2. Rilla Jaggia wrote (on 11/18/11 at 11:04 am) :

      Happy Thanksgiving, Deborah. Have a wonderful week and gobble, gobble, gobble 😛