re: Free 15-Minute Consult with Publicists!

posted 9/7/11

Dear Readers…

I’m breaking from my regular format to tell you about this chance to win a FREE consult with the renowned publicists at Blue Slip Media. You only have till midnight tonight!


Dear Readers…

I can’t say enough about the experience, professionalism, insight, and all-around loveliness of children’s book publicists Sarah Shealy and Barbara Fisch at Blue Slip Media. Their team-up is long and legendary in the children’s book world, from back in their days with Harcourt Children’s Books to now, with their own agency.  Today, as part of Darcy Pattison’s fabulous “Random Acts of Publicity” campaign, you’ve got the chance to win a FREE 15-minute consult with Blue Slip! But you’ve got to enter by midnight tonight. What a great opportunity. Good luck.

Happy writing!
The Editor

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    1. Kurt Chambers wrote (on 09/08/11 at 11:51 am) :

      Thanks Deborah! This is great! I’ll post it in my forum 🙂


    2. Sharon K Mayhew wrote (on 09/09/11 at 5:43 am) :

      Thanks so much for the information! 😀